The 5th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling


Proceedings of the 5th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM’05), Tolvanen, J.-P., Sprinkle, J., Rossi, M., (eds.), Computer Science and Information System Reports, Technical Reports, TR-36, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 2005, ISBN 951-39-2202-2.

A zip of all position papers is available here.


Organizers introduction to the workshop and presentation slides.

DSM Experiences 

Implementing a Domain-Specific Modeling Environment For a Family of Thick-Client GUI Components (presentation slides)
Milosz Muszynski

Translation Patterns to Specify Processes in the PSL Ontology (presentation slides)
Arturo Sánchez-Ruíz, Gregory Hansen

Using Domain-Specific Modeling to Develop Software Defined Radio Components and Applications (presentation slides)
Vikram Bhanot, Dominick Paniscotti, Angel Roman, Bruce Trask

Towards An Executable Denotational Semantics For Causal Block Diagrams (presentation slides)
Ben Denckla, Pieter J. Mosterman, Hans Vangheluwe

Domain aspects

Parsing And Code Generation Techniques To Deal With Uncertainty: Experiences From Highly-Evolving And Complex Systems (presentation slides)
Cedric Lemaire

Meta-Modelling Support for a General Process Modelling Tool (presentation slides)
Jürgen Jung

On The Impact of Domain Dynamics Product-Line Development
Haitham Hamza

Integrating Domain-Specific Modeling into the Production Method of a Software Product Line (presentation slides)
Gary J. Chastek, John D. McGregor


Transformation of Domain-specific Models as Foundation for Context-Awareness in Complex Systems
Michael Cebulla

Domain-Driven Development with Ontologies and Aspects (presentation slides)
Pavel Hruby