Domain Specific Languages and Agile Development
Workshop Results

There were 22 participants, all helping to make this an interesting workshop and great fun - many thanks to all of you! If you have any photos, do send them along to us and we'll add them here:

- Steve & Alan

Intro talk: DSLs and Agile (ACW)

Demo of MetaEdit+ (Steven Kelly, MetaCase)

Sample MetaCase successes include:

Three DSM tools vendors were represented in the workshop, all have evaluation versions:

Topics of interest

We identified a variety of topics of interest, some of which we looked at in more detail.

Notes from discussions

How to develop a DSL

Three inputs:

See also “Feature Modeling”.

DSLs for Acceptance Testing

Applicability of DSLs

We looked at the contingency factors that help decide whether or not DSM is appropriate in a given situation:

Positive points:

Negative points:

Managing Complexity in language design

Dimensions of complexity: